Break Free From Legal Anxiety

Is anxiety about your case keeping you up at night?

If you’re facing a battle in the federal court system, you’re likely also facing a heavy load of anxiety. Well-meaning family members may try to “cheer you up”, but they might not really understand what you’re going through. If you’re staying awake at night, searching Google for answers and reassurance, there’s a better way to combat your anxiety and stress…

You can choose to work with a federal prison consultant and stop trying to figure this out on your own. We help our clients by offering coaching support services, as well as federal prison consulting. As a federal prison consultant, Dan can answer many of your questions about what to expect in the federal court process, what federal prison is like and how to have a successful Pre-Sentence Interview (PSI). As a coach, Jenny can meet with you by phone and help you combat the stress, while keeping you on track with our signature Success Method™ sentence reduction strategy. For you, that means you have access to answers, solutions and support. 

We are not a substitute for your attorney. Rather, we bring another layer of experience and understanding that can help you navigate your situation with less stress and better success. We can even work with your attorney if that best fits your situation. 

Our experienced team can help you with…

  • Knowing what to expect
  • Pre-Sentence Interview preparation
  • RDAP information
  • Letters to the judge
  • Sentence reduction strategy
  • Personal coaching
  • Family support
  • Staying proactive 
  • Coping skills
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