Let your attorney fight for you in court. Let us prepare you for the fight.

Federal Prison Sentence Reduction

Prior to certain phases of the process, you have an opportunity to positively influence your situation. The RDAP Dan Success Method centers around specific actions you can take to increase your chances for a sentence reduction, or even a probation-only outcome. Taking positive action can reduce your stress and improve your results.

RDAP Qualification and Info

The Residential Drug Abuse Program (RDAP) is a rigorous BoP (Bureau of Prisons) program that can take up to 12 months off your federal prison sentence. This highly competitive program requires successful applicants to meet specific criteria to qualify. Our team can assist you with RDAP qualification, completing PSR paperwork and increasing your chances of RDAP qualification.


Our unique Coaching program helps you stay on track and change your mindset to increase your odds of a positive outcome, and a happy life. Cope with stress, reduce anxiety and learn how to thrive in and after prison. We also offer support and coaching services for inmates’ loved ones. Receive professional documentation for court. Get started with our Registered Coach today.

Why you need more than an attorney...


Federal Prison Sentence Reduction

Before sentencing and during pretrial, you have a small window of opportunity to increase your chances for sentence reduction. Your attorney focuses on specific legal areas, and is a valuable asset to handling your case, but your attorney’s scope of practice does not typically include expertise in RDAP, extra halfway house time, proactive pre-sentencing action planning or mindset coaching. Our team specializes in those areas, all of which are important to achieving the best possible outcome for your situation. Don’t fight with an incomplete team.

Meet Dan Wise

Facing federal prison can be extremely frightening; I've been there so I know. The idea of being separated from your children, freedom and family can be devastating. Often the uncertainty is the worst part of it. Our team accesses tools that help predict which prison you're going to and what security level you're facing. Our proprietary Success Method combines the strengths of an experienced Prison Consultant and a Registered Coach to make sure you do the right things to best position yourself for RDAP and possible sentence reduction. Our team also offers special support for families of those facing incarceration in federal prison. Let your attorney fight for you in court; let us prepare you for the fight.

Dan Wise

Federal Prison Consultant

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