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Step 1

The first step in working with us, is filling out the Initial Inquiry Form. The form gives us important information so that we can get on a consultation call with you, and provide you with relevant information and answers. The form doesn’t take long to fill out, and it gets you on our schedule.

Step 2

After we receive your Initial Inquiry Form answers, someone from our team reviews your answers and sends you an invitation to schedule a call. Expect to receive the email with your invitation to schedule the call within 1 business day after you submit your Initial Inquiry Form answers. The consultation phone call is free, and you walk away with answers and a plan for what to do next.

Step 3

If we determine on the Consultation Call that we can assist you, you will receive an invoice for the applicable services we discussed, and a contract outlining the services you will receive. If everything looks correct, sign the contract and submit your payment to get started. After you sign your contact and make payment, you will be emailed to complete the Intake process and start services.

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