Commissary Day

Food in prison… When most pleasures are restricted in life, food becomes a really big deal. Prison camp food, at least in Lewisburg, is not bad. However, with the amount of exercise inmates partake in, they get hungry, and make extra meals. These meals can be quite extraordinary… everything from pizza to asian rice bowls. […]

Are You Stressed About Facing Federal Prison Time?

The stress of facing a federal prison sentence If you’re reading this, it’s likely that either you, or someone you love, is facing a stressful legal situation. When that happens, it’s easy to get bogged down in the anxiety and stress of going through the federal justice system. You might feel like everything is out […]

Preparing For Your Pre-sentence Interview

Clients come to us in various stages of the federal court process. If you have already completed your Pre-sentence Interview (PSI), but want to find out if we can assist you with sentence reduction strategies, contact Dan here to schedule a free consultation. For those who may be considering working with a federal prison consultant, […]

Break Free From Legal Anxiety

Is anxiety about your case keeping you up at night? If you’re facing a battle in the federal court system, you’re likely also facing a heavy load of anxiety. Well-meaning family members may try to “cheer you up”, but they might not really understand what you’re going through. If you’re staying awake at night, searching […]