Pre-Sentence Interview

Possibly the most important interview of your life

Don’t go into this potentially sentence-altering interview unprepared.

Pre-Sentence Interview (PSI)

Your Pre-Sentence Interview (PSI) may be the most life-changing interview you ever attend. Your Pre-Sentence Interview is a key component to successful federal prison sentence reduction. Walking into the Pre-Sentence Interview unprepared can cost you months, or even years, of your freedom.

As part of the federal prosecution process, you’ll attend a Pre-Sentence Interview, During the interview, you will be asked a series of questions. From your answers, a probation officer compiles a report, called a Pre-Sentence Report, for the judge. The judge relies heavily on the information in your PSR, and uses it to help determine your sentence. Your RDAP eligibility can also be heavily impacted by the answers you give during your Pre-Sentence Interview.

You may mistakenly think the judge is the person with the most relevant influence on your sentence. In reality, it is the probation officer who prepares your Pre-Sentence Report who wields the greatest power over your sentence length. We can help you prepare for your Pre-Sentence Interview so that you know what to expect , and go into the Pre-Sentence Interview with more confidence and less stress.

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