Sentence Reduction

Federal Prison Sentence Reduction Specialists

We can assist you with improving your odds or serving less time, or in certain cases, serving zero prison time.

RDAP Information

The Residential Drug Abuse Program, also called RDAP, is a 500-hour, program spanning 9-12 months. RDAP is the Bureau of Prisons’ most intensive substance abuse treatment program, and as such, it requires commitment and dedication to succeed.

RDAP is a highly competitive program; applicants must meet certain requirements to gain acceptance into the program. The Bureau of Prisons (BoP) has estimated that thousands of people are waiting for a spot in RDAP.

Successful completion of RDAP may qualify a non-violent offender for a sentence reduction of up to one year. RDAP information you find on the Internet may be outdated or false. If you have wrestled with a drug or alcohol problem and think you may qualify for RDAP, contact us to discuss the specifics of your situation.

Letter Preparation Assistance

There are two main types of letters that can help you achieve a federal prison sentence reduction; your Personal Narrative and your Character Reference Letters.

Your Personal Narrative is a specialized document that can convince the judge you’re not like the other cases he or she routinely hears. It’s a prime opportunity to connect with the judge on a human level and showcase why you’re a strong candidate for sentence reduction.

Character Reference Letters are letters from people who know you well. These letters may come from a spouse, other family members, co-workers, Clergy or NA or AA sponsors. Character Reference Letters help give the judge a 360 degree view of your situation.

With both your Personal Narrative and your Character Reference Letters, you should avoid common pitfalls that can sabotage your success with the judge. We can present you with focused questions to help you hone in on exactly the right points, and avoid the common mis-steps.

Our senior copywriter has written hundreds of these letters, and can assist you in creating compelling letters. To learn more or get started, click below and book your free consultation.

Pre-Sentencing Success Method™

If you’re highly motivated, willing to do some work and appreciate an accountability partner, our Pre-Sentencing Success Method™ is probably a good fit for you. Book a free consultation to learn more about our Pre-Sentencing Success Method™ and how it could help you reduce your federal prison time.

We’ve worked with hundreds of Federal defendants, and we’ve learned what steps help create positive outcomes (and which things to avoid). We developed a Pre-Sentencing Success Method™ to address often-overlooked actions to best position our clients for positive outcomes. We check 10+ key points to see where your energy is put to best use, to increase your odds for sentence reduction.

We can’t promise you a specific outcome, but we’ve seen our suggestions work. This is more than theory; we’ve put our formula to the test. We can work with you regardless of where you are in the legal pipeline, but the earlier in the process you start, the better our Pre-Sentencing Success Method™ works.