Federal Prison Consulting Services

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Dan and his team provides streamlined and result-driven services to help make this situation as comfortable as possible for you and your family.
Federal Prison Sentence Reduction

Before sentencing and during pretrial, you have small window of time to increase your chances for sentence reduction. Our team consults and helps you to qualify for a reduced sentence so you know how long you'll be incarcerated before even entering prison/sentencing.

RDAP federal prison qualifications

The Residential Drug Abuse Program (RDAP) is an intensive and rigorous BoP (Bureau of Prisons) program that can provide up to 12-24 months off your sentence. The program requires you meet specific criteria to qualify- our team will assist in qualification and provide you information regarding RDAP.

After prison counseling and coaching

Dan's after-prison consulting and coaching services help inmates get back on their feet after serving a sentence. We've helped clients reduce their supervised release in half (early termination), assist in dealing with the complications of probation, and have even helped clients start and promote new business ventures.

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If you're a first time offender, facing prison can be extremely frightening. Dan has been in your shoes. Being forcefully separated from your kids, wife and family can be devastating. Our team uses proprietary tools that help predict which prison you're going to and what security level you're facing. Our vast communication within prisons throughout the country gives us knowledge that helps YOU know what to expect.

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One of the most popular and emerging industries for past inmates is becoming a prison consultant. Dan and his team coaches individuals interested in being a consultant. Our courses, one-on-one coaching, and our elite team of marketers will guide you to become a knowledgeable prison consultant.

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Dan's inhouse team of reputation management consultants assist those who want to separate their name or business from negative press results that come with being arrested. We've worked with dozens of clients in the same situation as you- our team strives at diluting negative press results and promoting only positive results.