The Turning Point

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Written By Rdap Dan

At any given time in your life, you are functioning within the container of an emotion. There are 2 containers that lead to lasting change; inspiration and desperation. Inspiration can come from your religious belief, a person you know or even something you read. When you’re inspired, you realize there’s something better that you want to become or attain.

Desperation is a powerful place from which change takes root. When you’re desperate, your back is against the wall and you have to make a choice. Often, the choice made in desperation leads to an extreme outcome, good or bad. If you’re facing federal prison time, you’re probably operating in the container of desperation right now. Of course, the down side of that is the possibility of going to prison and all the hardship that comes with that circumstance. But the positive in this space is that you have a deeply motivating circumstance to change the thinking that got you to this place. This can be the turning point in your life if you allow it to push you in the right direction.

You can’t change the fact that you’re facing federal prison time. You can change how you think and how you prepare, so that you have the best possible chance of a positive outcome. If you want to discuss how you can position yourself to put up your best fight, call me at 509-434-4695.

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