Stop Running

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Written By Rdap Dan

Facing federal prison time is an obstacle. No doubt about that. If you’re looking at serving time in federal prison, you need to decide if you’re going to hide your head under the blankets or do something to help yourself.

People who spend their lives avoiding obstacles and hiding from struggle are the same people who never get what they want in life. If you’re facing a possible prison sentence, it may feel like the future is hopeless. You might think this is the worst thing you’ve ever experienced; that may be true, but you get to decide if you’ll keep running or if you face this head on.

Learn how to struggle and you’ll unlock the power to truly shape your future. Fear breeds avoidance. Avoidance invites pain. If you’re tired of running, call me at 509.434.4695 and let’s talk about how to face this situation in a way that will get you more of what you want and less of the stress you’re feeling right now.

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