Post-Prison Consulting


Your life has changed. There’s no way around that. When you exit the Federal Prison system, you need a plan for your future. Post Prison Coaching is about assessing where you are and finding your best options after serving time in Federal Prison.
Post Prison Coaching can help you to
• Create a resume that helps you land the job in spite of your time in Federal Prison
• Assess what self-employment options are a good fit for you 
• Draft a business plan to create your own income and be your own boss
• Change your mindset to attract more of what you want and less of what you prefer to avoid
• Acclimate yourself to the society and technology that may have changed while you were incarcerated
• Successfully navigate relationships with loved ones as you re-enter their lives in a face-to-face way
My team and I subscribe to the idea that you’ll get what you’ve always gotten if you do what you’ve always done. We believe in your ability to change and live the life you want to live. But here’s the thing… your success after Federal Prison will not be an accident. More than ever, you have to decide to make it happen, and you have to work with the right tools to get what you want. 
You can make this a struggle or an opportunity. The choice is yours. We want to help you live without shame about your incarceration, make money doing something you love and can be proud of and enjoy happy relationships with the people you care about. Having the right support system makes all the difference between surviving and thriving. 
Post Prison Coaching connects you with someone who has been there, and came out of Federal Prison to live a successful and happy life. Family and friends can mean well, but having a mentorship with someone who has actually gone through what you’re experiencing provides a powerful support system to help you succeed. 
If you’re ready to take the next step to secure your future after serving time in Federal Prison, give me a call at 509-434-4695. Let’s talk about designing the lifestyle you want to live. Isn’t it time you won?