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Worried about your reputation? We'll Handle it.

Having to worry about your reputation is the last thing one needs to worry about if you're facing incarceration or just getting out of prison. However, sadly that's the case when you enter the United State's court system. Your name or company could be posted on government websites, your arrest could be picked up by the press, or your mugshot could be published online. If a user searches for your name online, it's likely these negative search results will appear in front of them.

Securing your name, company or brand online through online reputation management can save you from many headaches. Having an effective reputation management campaign will allow YOU to control what people see when they search your name or company name, while not having to worry about potential employers, clients, acquaintances see.

RDAPDan works with an inhouse team of expert reputation management agents that help create and implement a personalized strategy to control your brand and online image. Unlike the bigbox reputation management companies, RDAPDan's team has the unique experience of exclusively dealing with the reputation of those that have been arrested, face prison time or have been in prison.

  • We work on a case by case basis per client, creating a personalized strategy to fit their goals and needs.
  • We are inhouse, meaning the agents you speak to are the ones doing the work for you- there is never any outsourcing.
  • We've worked with clients in similar situations: we understand how it may feel going to prison or being released with your reputation slandered.
  • We work exclusively with a small base of reputation clients, so our pricing model generally half the price of the bigbox reputation agencies.

Case Studies Success Stories

Client #1 - Client #1 contacted RDAPDan regarding the reputation of his name on search engines after he was released from prison. When searching for his name, there were various press releases by,, among other major tech sites. Client #1's case garnered a lot of press attention, being picked up by numerous press outlets.  These negative results were seen on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd page of major search engines when searching his name. Our team put Client #1 on an reputation plan to secure his name and push up positive results and dilute the negative. Within 3 months, results started appearing, and within a full 12 month campaign, all negative results were gone from the 2nd page.

Client #2 - Client #2 contacted RDAPDan during pre-sentencing. She was worried about the safety of her business while she was incarcerated. Her business faced numerous negative press articles due to her arrest. We created a personalized plan to secure her company's brand name by creating positive content to dilute the negative press results. Potential customers searching her company's name saw the negative press, scaring away business and profits. Our team put her on an 8 month campaign while she was incarcerated. Results could be seen within 3 months, and by the 7 month mark, all negative press results were diluted from the 1st, 2nd and 3rd page.


We love giving free consultations if you are concerned about your online reputation. Our team respects privacy- through non-disclosure agreements and legal confidentiality agreements, your information is 100% secure.

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