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Written By John.Odermatt

Felons, friends and freedom lovers welcome to Felony Friday!

That’s how I start my show, Felony Friday, that airs weekly on the Lions of Liberty podcast. I started saying this because I thought it was catchy, but the reality is that the introduction covers probably 99% of my audience. Most of my listeners are either felons, my friends or freedom lovers, many are all three!

Felony Friday is one of three show that we have on Lions of Liberty. The other two are hosted by my fellow co-founders at Lios of Liberty. Marc Clair hosts interviews with leading libertarian minds and round table discussions on Monday’s flagship program. Brian McWilliams provides a shot of culture, comedy and liberty every Wednesday with Electric Liberty Land.

Many people who listen to Felony Friday are felons. They tune in because they can relate to the content. On my show I’ve interviewed felons, former cops, lawyers, professors, forensic experts, activists, authors, media personalities and so many more great guests, but the most popular are my conversations with those who have served time in prison.

When I bring on a felon to share their story it’s always a unique show, because most of these individuals have never had the opportunity to share what’s on their heart. Sometimes it’s a story of injustice. Other times it’s a story of perseverance and having the will to overcome the obstacles life throws at you. Many of the stories are heartbreaking and infuriating at the same time. You might find yourself cursing at your iPhone as you listen to the show, asking yourself how these things can happen to a human being in a “free” country. Or you might nod accordingly, because you’ve experience the same trauma, the same hate, the same injustice.

There is one unifying aspect to all the stories. Life goes on, whether you want it to or not. The people I interview on Felony Friday understand this universal truth. They do not dwell on the past. I’m always impressed how these individuals take ownership of their mistakes and set themselves up for success in the future. We live in a society where so many give up on felons, just when they see the label, even before they meet them. It’s amazing to hear stories from felons who refuse to allow the prejudices of society to hold them back.

If you’re looking for a good Felony Friday introduction I suggest starting out with my interview with a guy you all know very well. The man who’s been gracious enough to let me share Felony Friday with you all, Dan Wise aka Rdap Dan!

Felony Friday 097 – The Ethical Prison Consultant, Interview with Dan Wise aka RDAP Dan

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