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Facing federal prison can be extremely frightening; I've been there so I know. The idea of being separated from your children, freedom and family can be devastating. Often the uncertainty is the worst part of it. Our team accesses tools that help predict which prison you're going to and what security level you're facing. Our proprietary Success Method combines the strengths of an experienced Prison Consultant and a Registered Coach to make sure you do the right things to best position yourself for RDAP and possible sentence reduction. Our team also offers special support for families of those facing incarceration in federal prison. Let your attorney fight for you in court; let us prepare you for the fight.

Dan Wise

Federal Prison Consultant

Meet Our Team

Dan Wise

Lead Prison Consultant
Lead Prison Consultant Dan Wise began his career as a Federal Prison Consultant after successfully navigating the Federal Prison System, culminating in his early release and a passion for assisting others facing Federal Prison time. Dan blends in-depth knowledge regarding RDAP and the Federal Prison system with hard-hitting truth telling and a proven method of helping clients position themselves for the best possible outcome. When he’s not assisting clients, you can find Dan working out or spending time with his family and his pets. Three words that describe Dan are: professional, caring and helpful.

CJ Johnson

Office Manager
CJ keeps the team organized, handling behind the scenes administration and general operations. A U.S. Navy veteran, CJ completed two combat tours in Iraq with the Marine Corps infantry unit. His ability to multi-task and keep order helps our team function efficiently, enabling us to serve clients in a streamlined manner. When not behind the desk at RDAP Dan, CJ likes to get outdoors or learn about history. Three words that describe CJ are: organized, observant and introspective.

Jenny Good

Content Manager and Registered Coach
Jenny Good manages the RDAP Dan blog and provides assistance with written sentence reduction and halfway house correspondence. Jenny holds a degree with a Marketing concentration and is currently pursuing her graduate degree. She is also a Registered Coach. Additionally, Jenny coaches RDAP Dan clients for less stress, greater accountability and more success. When not working on RDAP Dan endeavors, you might find Jenny watching old movies or coaching clients in her private practice. Three words to describe Jenny are: insightful, communicative and intuitive.
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