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Federal Prison Sentence Reduction

Prior to federal prison sentencing, you have a limited window of opportunity to increase your odds for receiving reduced time or probation. My team and I guide you through a 5-point system proven to assist you in obtaining an optimal outcome for your situation.

Depending on where you are in the process, we work with you regarding your personal narrative, character reference letters, mentor network and PSR interview preparation. We coach you on exactly which actions to take to impress the judge so that when you go to sentencing, you’re in the best position you can be in at the time.

Work with a qualified, knowledgeable federal Prison Consultant to take advantage of this window of opportunity.

RDAP federal prison qualifications

Qualifying for the About the Residential Drug Abuse Program also known as RDAP is becoming increasingly difficult.

Inadequate preparation often results in a rejected RDAP application status, which means you’re obligated to serve more time in Federal Prison. Dan is the only federal prison coach who will tell it to you straight and let you know realistically what is possible in your situation.

Work with me to avoid misclassification and other common pitfalls that can block you from acceptance into the RDAP program. The earlier this preparatory process is started, the better for you.

Do not make the mistake of waiting to talk to a federal prison consultant until you’re serving time in Federal Prison to tackle the RDAP program qualification process. Doing so is a sure way to decrease your chance of acceptance into this highly competitive sentence reduction program.

After prison counseling and coaching

If you want to secure a promising future, take action to prepare for what you want. My post-prison coaching services help you get clear on how to unlock the doors to the best opportunities available to you after you exit the Federal Prison system.

Learn to leverage the skills you have to make money after prison. Discover how your mindset can determine your level of happiness, wealth and satisfaction. Acclimate yourself to the world around you and find your place in your family and your community.

Use this time to create an intelligent post-prison strategy so that when you’re released, you can enjoy the life you truly want to live.


Meet Daniel Wise aka RDAP Dan

My name is Daniel Wise, formerly known as federal prison inmate 02773-104. Before graduating from the RDAP program and learning how to reduce my federal prison sentence and come out on top, I was a federal convict charged with conspiracy to distribute Oxycodone while working for a Georgia pain clinic. Before my sentencing, I spent sleepless nights staring at the wall and wondering what the rest of my life was going to look like…

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Our Customers Say

How Can Federal Prison Consulting Help Me?

Teaching prisoners how to survive goes beyond showing them how to carry themselves. After being charged with a Federal crime, you’re immediately flooded with tough questions and uncertainties. Your family and yourself included are feeling overwhelmed and dreading the possibility of being apart and not knowing what to expect. White collar offenders search for a prison consultant when a criminal indictment or the possibility of a prison sentence derails their sense of balance. The unknown is the scariest part of the process. I’ve been in your shoes and I wish I knew then what I know now. The Internet is overloaded with information that might not be correct or relevant in your situation. You need a federal prison consultant who has experienced your situation firsthand to help you out.

I understand. You do not come from a criminal lifestyle and you don't have many places to turn for guidance. As a federal prison coach, I offer services in a number of ways. I can help you sort out fact from fiction and gain a sense of control over what’s happening in your life. When your loved ones and you know what to expect and how to increase your chances for the best possible outcome, sleep comes easier and the anxiety goes down. Information is power in this situation.

The RDAP Dan Federal Prison Training Program

Adjusting to prison life or life after federal prison is generally a time that marks new start. The time following prison sentence can be full of opportunities and second chances, particularly when a former prisoner returns to the society ready for a new start.

Studies show that offenders fare better on the outside after running through tricky situations they encounter over time, such as talking about their life in prison to potential employers. They also learn better social and problem solving skills that are helpful in navigating daily life.

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From prisoner to entrepreneur

Have you realized that most former federal prisoners start their own businesses? That is the case. But why? The reason behind that is that it is hard to get a job after completing a jail term. Some of the tips Dan provides for individuals who want to change from prisoners to entrepreneurs include:

Owning personal experience

Some individuals have chosen to hide the fact that they have served a federal prison sentence. However, you will get more and more customers if you remain open about your personal experiences. Most consumers love businesses driven by compelling people and stories. What’s more, some skills that you might have learned or honed in the federal prison, including observation, tenaciousness and collaboration, can be helpful when developing the business brand and narrative. It can also be helpful when crowdfunding or seeking grants.

Setting up a productive routine

In federal prison, you should develop a routine to eliminate the chances of falling back on old habits. Reserve some specific time for daily workouts, check your email and social media accounts and focus on your business. Make a plan that will enable you to remain stable.

Understanding your personal goals

Before you even start setting up a venture when you get out of prison, you should understand your personal goals. Possibly, you want to set up a business so that you can be able to pay your monthly bills or to occupy most of your time so that you can stay away from trouble. Identification of goals will help you decide on the ideas that are worth or not worth pursuing. Ensure that your aims are realistic because a small business is unlikely to turn you into a millionaire overnight.

Establishing support networks

To succeed, most newly ex federal prisoners require friendly faces and routines. Your support network might include a pastor, your friends, family members and anyone you meet when engaging in new activities. Any network you establish should help you go through setbacks and challenges successfully.

If your desire is to remain active, not in reactive or states of emergency, Dan can help you. With the program, you will manage to go through prison life and enter the entrepreneurship world after the prison term has ended. You should be ready to embrace some discomfort.

Starting small

Most former federal prisoners will look for ways to get money as fast as possible. After all, they do not have any time to waste – particularly when executing the plan form a federal prison. Instead of asking what you can do to make some money now, you should think about the small things you could do to start making a difference in someone else’s life today. From there, more opportunities are likely to open up.

You might need to focus on the service-oriented businesses such as marketing, freelance writing and developing mobile applications. If you can make products such as frozen yogurt, cupcakes or handmade jewelry, ensure that there is demand for the products before you sink money into it. A quick example: take your jewelry to local shops or farmers market’s to gauge the interests before you continue with the idea.