Prison coaching corner: Reduce your stress

reduce your stress
Written By Rdap Dan

Do you want to reduce your stress?

let go of control

The cause of stress can really be reduced to one simple word. Control. If you’re facing federal prison time, you’re dealing with a lack of control over your situation, and it probably feels about as pleasant as a root canal. To make the right decisions, reduce your stress levels so you can think clearly. At RDAP Dan, we use prison coaching to help clients prepare for the court experience and for serving time in federal prison, if it comes to that. We help people position themselves for success within the system and post-incarceration. We also help our clients accept that they cannot control every aspect of what is happening to them or around them. Until you let go of grappling for control, the stress stays with you.

It’s about using your energy where it counts

I’m not suggesting that you stop trying to better yourself or that you just sit on your duff and let this court situation unfold on its own. Our Success Method takes a proactive approach. Our team firmly believes in taking action. But, once you take action and do everything within your power to position yourself well, it’s out of your hands. If you do the right things now, you can exist in the peace of knowing there was nothing more you should have done.

Picture this…

Imagine the following scenario: You’ve lodged a splinter in the palm of your hand and it’s become infected. You visit a local doctor to seek relief. The doctor informs you that he needs to use an electric scalpel to remove the splinter.

The doctor studied his craft for years. He practiced as a physician for a decade, after medical school. Unless you’re also an experienced medical doctor, he’s obviously better trained and prepared to handle this procedure. Yet, if you’re like many people, a part of you wants to grab his hand and stop him from removing the splinter, better content to take it out yourself.

By trying to remove the splinter yourself, you risk exacerbating the infection and worsening your fate. Knowing this, why would so many people prefer to push the doctor aside and take over? Control. People crave control.

Prison Coaching should challenge you

It’s important that you work with a prison coach that fits you. We want to be up front with prospective clients that we don’t sugarcoat reality to give them false happiness. When you work with our team, you probably won’t always hear what you want to hear. Think about athletic coaches. Their athletes would never grow and do better if they only praised them and coddled them. Great coaches challenge athletes to become better versions of themselves. Our prison coaching process challenges clients to let go of the need to control. Anything less shortchanges the client.

Preparing for federal prison

If you spend any amount of time in federal prison, you forfeit control. Someone will tell you when to eat, what to wear and where to lay your head. If you act out in anger, you own even fewer choices. It’s a tough concept to grasp, but in federal prison, the control belongs to someone else. This is a new reality for inmates and prison families, as well. The sooner you prepare for it and strategize a new mindset, the better for you.

Let’s talk

If you’d like to discuss how our Success Method can help you leverage your strengths, reduce your stress and possibly reduce your prison sentence, call me today. We cannot promise you probation, but we can promise you better odds than you have right now.

Dan Wise Federal Prison Consultant

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