Navigating the Federal Pre-Sentence Investigation Report

federal prison pre sentencing report
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Federal Pre-Sentencing Report

The Pre-Sentencing Interview (PSI) is the initial step in all sentencing processes. The stage consists of the defendant’s life story with emphasis on his/her criminal records as narrated to the appointed probation officer who asks many specific and general questions. Answers to the questions results to a report with 15-50 pages in length comprising every life aspect of the defendant that the legal system needs.

The purpose of Pre-sentence Investigation Report

The judge presiding over the case, the Probation Department overseeing the Supervised Release years and the Bureau of Prisons supervising the incarceration, use the PSI report. In other words, the PSI report will follow you throughout the sentencing, probation and incarceration. It influences the pre- and post-judgement sentence, the prison programs, conveniences offered, security level, treatment, designation, mental or medical health care and substance abuse treatment. The PSI report may not affect some aspects of your imprisonment experience and it involves an important interview for the defendant.

Your attorney has to work to get you a better deal whether you opt for a trial or plea agreement. For that reason, the Prison Consulting Group provides help to their clients to prepare them in advance for the event. Their aim is to ensure that you have all the information you require at the Pre-Sentence Investigation Report, particularly that affecting sentencing and the post-sentencing considerations. In fact, the information Pre-Sentence Interview and the authoring officer provide is a considering factor in the defendant’s prison sentence.

The information allows changing of a sentence subject to the Commitment Order and the Judges verdict. That maximizes Halfway House and allows Home Detention when possible. Prison consulting group guides their clients through the interview stage to ensure that they benefit more. When unclearly worded, the PSI may put you in a bad light to the presiding judge who reads Pre-sentencing Interview and the Impression it leaves. Always keep in mind that the PSI is a primary factor during the sentence determination. Therefore, your testimony has to be honest, precise, and complete – it affects your future. You should not omit any important information.

The documents reviewed in Pre-sentence Investigative Reports

Probation considers many documents and materials before putting up a pre-sentence report. They have to check the police report form, the case and other reports related to the victim or defendant in the case. That includes plea agreements, dismissed counts, cooperation, character letters, psychological evaluations and statements made.

On paper, things appear worse than they should be. Probation officers have to try a lot of ammunition and paint the real picture. That is why you have to consult an expert in the area. Prison Consultants understand what probation officers require and they will therefore provide you with the best recommendation.

The Interview

The defendant’s interview is the most important part of pre-sentence investigation report. Any prior preparation will make all the difference between probation and prison. The first question the defendant answers in the pre-sentence investigation relates to their biological information – the school, degrees, friends and family. The probation officer touches on prior criminal history, current employment, work experience, criminal contacts and past employment within the defendant’s family. And depending on an offense, defense attorney has to evaluate whether discussions are important.

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