Coaching Corner: Life Coaching For Families Of Federal Inmates

family of inmates suffer too
Written By Rdap Dan

Specialized life coaching for prisoners on the outside…

As I faced serving federal prison time, I experienced concern about my relationship with my significant other. It seemed like so many things were uncertain, and I felt unsure if our relationship would survive the storm looming ahead. I thought about my connection with my children, my girlfriend and even my pets. What would become of all those relationships by the time my prison release date rolled around? It’s easy to stay in your own feelings when facing federal prison time, but you’re not the only one suffering.

Your loved ones suffer too

Your family, your spouse, your friends and every person who loves you suffers when you go to prison. Temporarily losing someone to the prison system takes a toll on families. Many times, relationships fall apart in the face of incarceration, but it doesn’t have to be that way. My girlfriend and I managed to stay together through my incarceration and today our relationship is stronger than ever.

Obstacles for those on the outside

People who normally enjoy your daily physical presence must learn to adapt to a new way of life while trying to hold on to someone they love. There are new rules to learn just to be able to send you a letter or visit you. Financial pressures mount, as your spouse may suffer an income reduction when you go to jail. Imagine hustling to make ends meet on a lower income while trying to find extra money to add to your books. Feelings of anger, resentment, fear, loneliness and guilt commonly trouble inmates’ loves ones. Family members may experience social and civic marginalization, as well.

What does your loved one need?

Your loved one needs support, sound guidance and space to speak openly. He or she needs to be able to vent and find solutions without fear of judgment or concerns of further straining the relationship. He or she needs an economically sensible, professionally reliable means to receive support on a regular basis. Unfortunately, you may find such options few and far between.

prison wife coaching services

Our solution

We’ve combined my experience with Jenny Good’s life coaching skills to create a coaching system specifically for your spouse or family member. Our unique approach helps your loved one cope with stress, support you in a healthy manner, remain rooted in the relationship and navigate the ins and outs of communicating with and visiting an inmate. The program offers your loved one regular phone contact with the Coach, as well as email support in between phone calls. You can also choose a monthly coaching session via Corr Links, so that you remain involved in the process with your loved one. It’s our goal to help you sustain the relationships you care about while supporting your family to live well while you’re away.

Take care of them while you’re away

There are things you can do from inside prison to keep your relationships alive, but you can only do so much. You may feel powerless to take care of the ones you love during your incarceration, which leads to depression and anger. Plan now instead of feeling helpless later. Be proactive in setting up the best possible environment for your family to do well and to maintain your relationships during your prison time.

Free life coaching consultation

If you’d like to take advantage of a free life coaching consultation, contact us today at 866-208-8997. Let’s talk about how we can help.

Dan Wise Federal Prison Consultant

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