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Getting Fit for better physical and mental

well-being is highly recommended with daily workout
routines prior to going to prison.

Look for the Workout Webinars to show how you can
start to GET FIT today!

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The stress of going through the arrest,

the court proceeding, the sentencing and finally the transfer to prison have an immediate and almost unchangeable impact on your diet, your sleep and your natural state of being. I observed people who seemed to be in a constant slow motion mental breakdown for months. Some of them lost weight some gained lots of weight. It is difficult to say how a person’s body will deal with the chemical imbalances caused by these environmental changes.

The food in institutions will take some time to get used to, but this doesn’t necessarily equate to weight loss. Consider that everything served is either prepackaged, frozen or filled with preservatives (salt, sugar etc.). Again, some people will almost automatically incur stomach and other issues because of the impact of the diet. For some this will mean rapid weight gain as their bodies fight to metabolize the huge increase in salts and sugars not to mention the carbs in every meal. For other people they will lose weight as they are simply unable to eat more than is required to stay alive.