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prison reform

FIRST STEP Act May Give Inmates Better Opportunities On Wednesday, May 9 The House Judiciary Committee approved the FIRST STEP […]

supervised release

RDAP Dan shares his experience and advice about early termination of supervised release Recently, I was granted early termination of […]

illegal gun sales

Ex-cop, Richard Wince,  sentenced to federal prison for illegal gun dealing In a May 2, 2018 federal court hearing, Richard […]

Time management prison coaching

It’s your time. How will you spend it? Today’s Prison Coaching Corner focuses how you spend your time. Do you […]

Scott Brettschneider charged RDAP fraud

New York lawyer, Scott Brettschneider, accused of lying to get his client out of jail early with RDAP   Queens criminal-defense […]

prison letter

Welcome to The Letter Sessions with Federal Prison Consultant, Dan Wise, and life coach, Jenny Good.   During Dan’s time in federal […]

Coleman prison bans books
Written By Rdap Dan

Coleman Prison Book Ban

 Coleman Prison Book Ban Restricts Inmates’ Book Access Michelle Jones is the 2016 co-recipient of the Indiana Historical Society’s Best […]

making money after federal prison

The Prison Coach Talks Money… Federal prison takes you through a spectrum of changes A lot of things change when […]

loved one going to prison

Tips for having a loved one in federal prison Most families with loved ones in jail or federal prison encounter […]

Written By Rdap Dan

Reminder, Repetition and Reward

Making New Habits That Stick As a prison consultant, one of the hats I wear is one of motivation and […]