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Positive self talk

Positive Self Talk: Words Matter Words carry a lot of weight and possess power to help, inspire, belittle or destroy. […]

reduce your stress

Do you want to reduce your stress? The cause of stress can really be reduced to one simple word. Control. […]

Time management prison coaching

It’s your time. How will you spend it? Today’s Prison Coaching Corner focuses how you spend your time. Do you […]

prison coaching on work ethics

Prison coaching tough love. Telling it like it is. Being real. Call it what you want, but accountability drives our style […]

prison letter

Welcome to The Letter Sessions with Federal Prison Consultant, Dan Wise, and life coach, Jenny Good.   During Dan’s time in federal […]

making money after federal prison

The Prison Coach Talks Money… Federal prison takes you through a spectrum of changes A lot of things change when […]

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Reminder, Repetition and Reward

Making New Habits That Stick As a prison consultant, one of the hats I wear is one of motivation and […]


Questions to ask yourself – Federal Prison As a prison consultant, one of my roles is coaching my clients to […]

federal prison consultant life coaching
Written By Rdap Dan

Stop Running

Facing federal prison time is an obstacle. No doubt about that. If you’re looking at serving time in federal prison, […]


If you’re dissatisfied with your situation, consider it a cause for celebration. I know that may sound totally opposite of […]