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Positive self talk

Positive Self Talk: Words Matter Words carry a lot of weight and possess power to help, inspire, belittle or destroy. […]

reduce your stress

Do you want to reduce your stress? The cause of stress can really be reduced to one simple word. Control. […]

Time management prison coaching

It’s your time. How will you spend it? Today’s Prison Coaching Corner focuses how you spend your time. Do you […]

family of inmates suffer too

Specialized life coaching for prisoners on the outside… As I faced serving federal prison time, I experienced concern about my […]

prison coaching on work ethics

Prison coaching tough love. Telling it like it is. Being real. Call it what you want, but accountability drives our style […]

prison letter

Welcome to The Letter Sessions with Federal Prison Consultant, Dan Wise, and life coach, Jenny Good.   During Dan’s time in federal […]

let go of unresolved anger

Break Free From Unresolved Anger So You Can Feel Better “Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal […]

making money after federal prison

The Prison Coach Talks Money… Federal prison takes you through a spectrum of changes A lot of things change when […]

Written By Rdap Dan

Reminder, Repetition and Reward

Making New Habits That Stick As a prison consultant, one of the hats I wear is one of motivation and […]


Questions to ask yourself – Federal Prison As a prison consultant, one of my roles is coaching my clients to […]