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Written By Rdap Dan

Reminder, Repetition and Reward

Making New Habits That Stick As a prison consultant, one of the hats I wear is one of motivation and […]

federal prison pre sentencing report

Federal Pre-Sentencing Report The Pre-Sentencing Interview (PSI) is the initial step in all sentencing processes. The stage consists of the […]


Federal Prison Sentencing Guidelines United States Prison Consultants are people who help defendants at the criminal case stage and ensure […]


Questions to ask yourself – Federal Prison As a prison consultant, one of my roles is coaching my clients to […]

federal prison consultant life coaching

When you’re facing a Federal Prison sentence, or serving time in Federal Prison, it’s easy to feel sorry for yourself. […]

federal prison consultant life coaching
Written By Rdap Dan

The Turning Point

At any given time in your life, you are functioning within the container of an emotion. There are 2 containers […]

federal prison consultant life coaching
Written By Rdap Dan

Stop Running

Facing federal prison time is an obstacle. No doubt about that. If you’re looking at serving time in federal prison, […]


If you’re dissatisfied with your situation, consider it a cause for celebration. I know that may sound totally opposite of […]

question to ask before hiring a prison consultant

The 6 questions to ask before hiring a Federal Prison Consultant When you’re facing federal prison time, who you hire […]


Avoiding the question that slashes your chance for sentence reduction There are some things involved in a federal case that […]