Coaching Corner: Spring Clean Your Lifestyle

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Written By Rdap Dan

It’s your time. How will you spend it?

Spring cleaning for your lifestyle

Today’s Prison Coaching Corner focuses how you spend your time. Do you ever feel like your mind is always busy but you get precious little done? If so, it may be time for a Spring cleaning of a different kind. Springtime brings thoughts of budding trees and blooming flowers. It inspires wall-to-wall cleaning and organization of your surroundings. Why stop there? This Spring, declutter your life and open the space for more of what you really want. Our minds and our schedules need regular decluttering just like our houses do, and Spring is a great time to begin. Too often, we spend the majority of our time doing things that bring us no real happiness. Create the space to bring more of what matters in your life and watch the way things change. Here’s how…

Take Inventory

Spend a few days tracking how you spend your time. Make an hour-by-hour chart and write down what you did in that block of time. Even if you find yourself just sitting around worrying, log it in your time tracking. Do this for at least 3 weekdays in a row. This step matters a lot because you need to know where your time goes before you decide what to declutter and what to bring in more of. How you actually spend your time verses how you thought you spent your time might be an eye opener for you.

Select 3 Things

Next, review your time tracking and circle 3 things you want to spend less time doing. These things can be tangible items like washing dishes or being on the phone with your sister-in-law. These items may also be internal things like worrying or replaying a bad situation in your mind.


It’s time to declutter and remove the unwanted items, replacing them with something positive. Some items are best delegated to someone else; have your teenager mow the lawn, or hire someone to do the thing you hate that sucks up your time. Give yourself permission to reject some calls from the frequently chatty sister-in-law. Set a time limit on social media. For internal issues such as worrying, commit to taking a deep breath and replacing the worrisome thought with the opposite thought, and then getting up and engaging in some type of physical activity.


Now that you’ve freed up some space in your day, what will you put in its place? Make a list of positive things you want to do more of and plug them in to the time you opened in your schedule. Maybe you’ll go for a run in the 30 minutes you used to spend on unwanted phone calls. Perhaps going to bed an hour earlier would be beneficial to your well-being. If you feel stuck, prison coaching can help you gain clarity and make better choices with your time.

Get Support With Prison Coaching

We realize that many of our readers may be facing federal prison time, or have a loved one serving time in prison. In that situation, it feels difficult to declutter your mind and stay positive. At RDAP Dan, we can assist you with decluttering, stress management and living with more peace. Are you going through a rough time regarding federal prison? Give us a call at 1-866-208-8997  and let’s talk about how we can help you.

Dan Wise Federal Prison Consultant

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